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    Sports Center
  • Quantum
    Sports Center
  • Quantum
    Sports Center
  • Rent a field for your next Event, Clinic or Party!

    180 x 70 feet

    180 x 55 feet

    80 x 60 feet

    Quantum Sports Center offers the largest indoor field in Putnam County and all three of our fields are available to rent for special events and activities including: sporting events, team practices, tournaments, private training clinics, team parties, field trips, corporate events, overnight lock-in events for schools and youth groups, reunions, holiday parties, business team building events and more. We recently hosted very successful Boxing and Jiu-jitsu events and all sorts of tournaments!

    In our indoor fields you can recreate the atmosphere of an outdoor event, minus the worry about the weather! Plus, we have a concession bar with beer and beverages, as well as a variety of food, like sandwiches, chicken tenders, hot dogs, pizzas, and more, with our staff, trained to serve your guests during your event. If needed, we also rent tables and chairs, as well as tents.

    Additionally, we have all types of fun activities to keep your guests entertained including: Fun Inflatables Zone, Soccer, Flag Football, Dodgeball, Kickball, Capture the Flag, Corn Hole, etc… If there is a special activity you would like to incorporate, just ask! We will do what we can to make that happen. If you need sports coaches for your event, just say a word! We have access to a pool of talented coaches that can help you achieve the goals of your planned activity.

    As an indoor facility, we are very booked during Fall and Winter. We do have special offers in Spring and Summer for facility rentals.

    Call (304)562-1020 or email anna@quantumsportscenter.com to schedule your event today!


    Batting Cage Rentals

    Quantum Sports Center offers batting cage and field rentals to local baseball teams and individuals attempting to practice or get away from poor weather.

    Batting Cage Prices:

    • $50.00 per hour
    • $30.00 per half hour
    • $20.00 per quarter hour

    Field Rental Prices:

    • $112.50 per hour and a half
    • $75.00 per hour

    Additional Options:

    • $40 per hour 1/2 field rental
    • $30 per hour 1/3 field rental