TNT Advanced

TNT Soccer classes

are for boys

Ages: 7–12

For both intermediate and advanced levels. Players will learn the technical aspects of soccer such as dribbling, shooting, passing, and trapping, and also how to use them tactically – meaning how to use these skills correctly in a game. This class is challenging and fun, but definitely for someone who wants to improve. Every aspect of the game will be covered. Players will also be taught how to train on their own, and will be challenged by successful players and coaches who know what it takes to succeed mentally and physically in the game.

TNT Soccer classes

Additional Information:
  • All players are required to have a current Quantum Sports Membership.
  • Class fees are due at time of registration. Registration is open subject to space available.
  • Players should wear shin guards covered by socks and indoor soccer shoes. Please bring water.

Inquire about our no obligation trial classes! Please note that you must be a Quantum Member to enroll.

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